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The Story of Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bakery

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bakery is the oldest bakery in Ashland, founded in 1988 by Mary Martha Dust. Known for it's bright signage, funky handwritten labels, and names such as the "Like, Totally Vegan", the bakery quickly became a town favorite.

Our bakery remained almost exclusively a wholesale bakery until approximately 2012, when it expanded it's retail location & attendance at the Rogue Valley Farmers Markets. Although the bakery has seen many changes throughout the years, what has remained the same are the values of quality ingredients, from scratch, and by hand. 

Since taking ownership in 2021, I have worked hard to resurrect original recipes and techniques. I had the pleasure of being trained by Mary Martha herself on the classic cookie technique, and the unique fluted edges our turnovers are known for. Thanks to the combined experience of all previous owners, Four and Twenty is now a robust combination of classic recipes, new and popular flavors, with the same quality ingredients. 

Pooling resources from all of the amazing women who baked here before me, and bringing my own style and offerings, I know that you will taste the effort and love I put into all of your goods!

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