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Do you offer gluten free items?

Of course!
We are proud to offer gluten free pies and cakes. Use our online ordering system to select your item - then select your dietary need. Almost all of our items can be adapted for a gluten free selection, if you don't see it online, feel free to email. 
Please note that our facility is not a gluten free facility. We do our best to provide additional care against cross contamination, however we cannot provide any guarantee to our customers. If you have questions about our sanitation procedures please contact us. 
We can combine Gluten free and Vegan options!

Do you make any vegan items?

Heck Yes!
Our Vegan cookie is in our regular rotation and available where most of our products are sold.

OR use our online ordering system to select your item - then select your dietary need
We also offer our cakes and pies with vegan options as well. 
If you have a specific request, don't hesitate to email your question. 
We can combine Gluten free and Vegan!

How do I store my items?

If your item was purchased in store - it will have storing requirements listed on the label. 
All of our fruit based pies, turnovers, and cakes require refrigeration.

Our fruit pies and turnovers require refrigeration after 24 hours or when they have been sliced. 

Cakes may (and should) be left at room temperature 25 minutes prior to eating to allow the frosting to soften, otherwise require refrigeration at all times. 

Specialty pies require refrigeration at all times. 

Cookies, muffins, and coffee cakes may be left at room temperature. 

Is your lobby open?

For carry out online orders only not walk -in or sit down. All of our items are made to order from our online store. Because we guarantee fresh - some items have a longer lead time to ensure availability of ingredients.

How do you reheat pies & turnovers?

Turn your oven to 375, place pie in oven while preheating - this will help preserve your flakey crust. 
You may test the internal temp of your pie to 175, or a good indicator that your filling is heated through, is when it bubbles out!
Turnovers also heat well in a toaster oven.

Do you ship?

Not quite yet! 
We would be happy to ship our cookies at additional cost. 
We are currently working on a system for shipping pies and other refrigerated items affordably. If the cost of shipping is not a concern, please email so we can determine if this is an option!

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